Ratanà meets Dispensa Pani e Vini

20 November, 2017 / Categoria: Events, News

From Franciacorta to Milan, a journey through the flavors of Lombardy

On Monday, November 20, we’ll brings the Franciacorta in the heart of Milan, at the restaurant Ratanà, for a dinner organized together with the restaurant Ratanà of Cesare Battisti and the sous – chef Luca De Santi.

Seasonality, quality and interpretation of the territory are the key words that will accompany this evening that is born as a collaboration, a travel that exalts a main ingredient for every reach, studying its accompaniment in order to also enhance the vegetables of season. The proposed menu is the result of teamwork serving the guest and the guest.

The encounter between Dispensa Pani e Vini and Ratanà was born in the great intent of the chefs Marco and Cesare, for the remarkable similarities in their offer, for the common view of the cuisine.