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Dispensa Franciacorta offers catering services for a range of events, including receptions, business meetings and fashion shows.
You’ll be in good hands with Dispensa, whose decades-long experience in catering will make your event memorable and unique.


Your event will be personally conceptualized based on your style, vision, budget, and your requirements for the size of the space.
Our restaurant is also an option as a venue for your event. We have a verdant outdoor garden that treats guests to the rustic beauty of the vineyards and countryside.
We can also propose different locations in Franciacorta, Brescia, Bergamo, and other spaces like wine cellars, villas, palazzos, museums and more.

  • Among the vineyards: Contadi Castaldi, Bellavista, Ca’ del Bosco, Le Cantorie, Castelveder, Castello Bonomi;
  • Among the palazzos and villas: Palazzo Monti, Palazzo Torri, Castello Oldofredi, Villa Mazzucchelli, Convento dell’Annunciata, Villa Fassati Barba, Sister’s house, Il labirinto, Corte del Giglio, Villa Alba, Castello degli Angeli, Castello Quistini, Le Colombaie, Palazzo Vecchia, Palazzo Barbò;
  • Among the museums: Spazio Fase e Villa Mazzucchelli.

Food service
Our menus are developed directly by our Staff, who proposes a seasonal, culinary journey through Franciacorta with his dishes.

Clients can also personalize our catering service creating a proposal tailored to their needs and budget.
Our staff is able to prepare the menu’s dishes directly at the location.

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